Thursday, October 25, 2012

Black racer

Sprint Racer

You want some of Yop'là racer? Excuse for dirty under the fingernails ... Here is the best engine in the world: 3 legs carbs Triumph. It was a 900 Sprint Sport 98 to the base!

The rearsets and handlebars bracelets Daytona 900 quickly arrived. With a Ducati 900SS bubble she fears no one. Not even Harley Davidson Buell as they are. The saddle??? Norton Production Racer of the big time ... which explains the "Triton" that adorns the tank.
Anything that affects the performance and reliability has excellent Mecatwin (pots Dual System, FCR39 Kehin ramp, brakes ...). The battery has been reduced by a magic wand and box in the backsplash, and the jar coolant has been replaced by a pot of herbs in the bubble. Veuuuuux thee? The front is lowered on a custom aluminum fender. But mostly ... this is what was removed that transforms the bike ...