Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thunderstick 810cc seven fiddy

Bored to 850, 
11 to 1 compression, 
Big Ole cam, 
lightened crank, 
4 -1's, 
Dyna 2000,  
40 mm Delortos
 and more!
Paul B down under !

Thursday, October 16, 2014

CX500 CX650 Up swept H box exhaust removal!

These pipes can be used on the 650 or 500 twins

2 types of bends.

Great upgrade for stock carb bikes or with the VM34 Mikuni kit!

Link>>> Stock location type Part # SMC-PASS

Enables you to retain the stock rear foot pegs.

Removes Stock H box

Pipes can be trimmed to desired length

Weld on at pipe and accept 1 3/4" mufflers. Can use stock exhaust mount.

Great upgrade for stock carb bikes or with the VM34 Mikuni kit!

 2 types of bends.

Removes passenger Stock pegs. 

 Pipes can be trimmed to desired length 

Weld on at pipe and accept 1 3/4" mufflers. Muffler mount will need to be fabbed.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Orange ya glad he did something cool? 600 Honda Twin

    Sweet 600 Honda!  We have you covered on your build !

03 Honda Shadow VLX 600. 

Performance mods include: 40T rear sprocket upgrade, custom air filter, straight drag pipe exhaust, jetted carb, and upgraded plugs.

Cosmetic upgrades include: Orange powder coated wheels, ME880 White wall in the back and black wall front until its wears out then going to white wall as well. Painted lower forks and triple tree, 8 or 10" Z bars with a Shadow 750 clutch cable, all LED signals, PIAA bright white bulb, chopped rear frame section with added cross member and solo seat.

In the works: new shorty fenders front and rear, Black Hole sun headlight, air ride seat, Gun metal grey paint with orange pin striping.


Monday, August 11, 2014

cx500 Argentine style

Herencia Custom Garage This stunning 1980 CX500 scrambler was put together by Argentinian outfit HCG. It’s almost unrecognizable as a CX500— More here>>>>>
     Check out our parts list for the 500!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

KZ900 Business first class

Walter Forstenpointner has a great bike.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sunday, April 20, 2014

MotoGP Round 2 at the Schwantzenring.

MotoGPville rolled deep (so deep it put that ass to sleep) into the heart of Texas for the second round of the 2014 season. The big hullaballoo was that MotoGP legend, Kevin Schwantz, and DORNA/COTA had settled their differences, fist-bump-boomed, and Schwantz came out on top by virtue of being named COTA's 'Ambassador of Motorcycle Racing'...and that he would be allowed to attend a race at the track that would not not exist if it wasn't for his hard work and determination.
The runner-up trophy in the 'America's got hullaballoos' extravaganza went to Texas' own Colin Edwards II and his announcement of his retirement from motorcycle racing effective at the end of the 2014 season during the pre-race jabber-fest. Thanks for the memories, Colin. The swear jar will be significantly-less funded without you...until Jack Miller steps up to the big-boy class.
Before we get our Texas-on, we need to whoa-down the ponies and take a bullet-style look back on what went down at round 1, in Qatar. Harden your hearts and brace yourselves for a 'Qatarflash-back'.
> Marc Marquez won from a pole position start (shocker, I know).
> Old Rossi looked like the Rossi of old and almost didn't get beat by Marquez.
> After pretending to care, Pedrosa spent his money at the company store and finished a safe third. Good boy.
> Jorge Lorenzo crashed out of the lead on the first lap...smashing his 'unhappiest lap' record in the process.
> Bradl crashed...he was uninjured and was able to goosestep back to his underground bunker.
> Copycat Bautista also crashed...he and his hair were uninjured.
> Azi Farni is quite short...and quite hot.
> The floodlights at Qatar are regulated by a bed-ridden lady with a God-powered Clapper.

OK...enough about that. Fast-forward to Texas where Marquez picked up where he left off at the sandbox...fastest in every session, taking pole position, and basically crushing souls from here to Christmas...all with a helpful smile in every aisle.
Pedrosa and Bradl rounded out the front row. Allen's Asparagus did well to put his NGM/Forward/Underprivileged/CRT/Whatever machine in the fourth grid position. JLo fifth on the grid and Rossi sixth. Homeboys Hayden and Edwards in a star-spangled fourteenth and nineteenth, respectively. Fuck yeah!
On to race day. While the MotoGP riders were sitting in their pitboxes listening to their Ipods and wearing white sunglassses, the support classes were doing the business on track. In Moto3, Australia's Jack Miller won the race and celebrated by dropping a bunch of f-bombs. In Moto2, America's Josh Herrin initiated an expensive yardsale in the first turn of the race. Josh is a cool dude and great rider...I'm sure he'll complete a racing lap before the end of the season.
As the crowd returned from the snack bar with more bacon-wrapped Twinkie steaks, the MotoGP riders completed their warm-up lap and took their spots on the grid. While the rest of the riders were adjusting their junk and waiting for the light, Lorenzo decided to jump the start by so much that a sundial was needed to measure his infraction. Knowing he was going to get a ride-through penalty, Lorenzo said 'fuck it' (but in Espanol) and took off. Lorenzo's 'amazing' start wouldn't have really mattered, as the law-biding Marquez was right on his assbone within a few corners. At the end of the first lap, Lorenzo ducked into pit lane to pay the piper. He rejoined the race in last place...way the fuck back. He managed to salvage a decent 10th place finish, and later attributed his colossal brain-fart to having to remove a mosquito-stained tear-off while gridding up. Let that sink in.
With mosquito face out of the way, Marquez giggled, slid, and stoppied his way to his second consecutive win...complete with a StarBoyz tribute on the final corner of the final lap. The kid is seriously unfuckwithable. Back in the pack, Pedrosa was consistently quick, but wasn't able to hang with Marquez, and finished in a respectable 2nd place...Tokyo harbor will have to wait. Early in the race, Valentino Rossi looked to have something for the front-runners, but eventually drifted bask to an 8th place finish courtesy of a cheese-gratered front tire.
While Rossi was doing a full-retreat, It was Ducati's Dovizioso who was looking solid and motoring up through the pack courtesy of some impressive overtaking moves. Dovi's teammate, Cal Crutchlow, didn't fair so well as he drifted back to 10th, pitted for a new rear tire, rejoined the race, and then hit the deck with nine laps to go.
With Marquez and Pedrosa way the fuck out front, Dovi did well to plop his Ducati in the third and final podium spot. Bradl finished fourth, and Schoolboy Bradley Smith finished in a career-best fifth place. He'll be on the box before the end of the season, for surely.
So there you have it...Marquez is batting .1000 on the season and heads to the next round with two poles, two wins, and a fourteen point lead in his man purse. The next stop is at the new Termas de Rio Hondo circuit in Argentina, next weekend. If you plan on putting money on someone other than Marquez for the win, you might as well stick your dick in a toaster...but make sure it's plugged in first.
Race Result:
1) Marc Marquez / Repsol Honda
2) Dani Pedrosa / Repsol Honda
3) Andrea Dozioso / Ducati Factory
4) Stefan Bradl / LCR Honda
5) Bradley Smith / Monster Yamaha Tech 3
6) Paul Espargaro / Monster Yanaha Tech 3
7) Andrea Iannone / Pramac Ducati
8) Valentino Rossi / Movistar Yamaha
9) Allen Espargaro / NGM Forward Racing Yamaha
10) Jorge Lorenzo / Movistar Yamaha
11) Nicky Hayden / Drive M7 Aspar Honda
12) Hiroshi Aoyama / Drive M7 Aspar Honda
13) Yonny Hernandez / Pramac Ducati
14) Karel Abraham / Cardion AB Honda
15) Hector Barbera / Avintia Racing
16) Michael Laverty / Paul Bird Motorsport
17) Danilo Petrucci / Ioda racing ART
18) Mike DiMeglio / Avintia Racing
DNF) Scott Redding / Go & Fun Honda Gresini
DNF) Colin Edwards / NGM Forward Racing
DNF) Cal Crutchlow / Ducati factory
DNF) Alvaro Bautista / Go & Crash Honda Gresini
DNF) Broc Parkes / Paul Bird Motorsport

Have a 'wheelie' good Easter!

...and the award for 'lamest post title' goes to...*drumroll*...ME!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Arlo Guthrie knows the score...

Friday, March 21, 2014

Today is national 'Wheelie your family to work' day!

Join Speed Moto Company in celebrating this uber-significant holiday! Do your part, and save wear-n-tear on your front tire in the process!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's pretty simple; have bike...get girl.

Yes, we can equip your bike to do this.
However, as for ceramic brake pads for runaway trains, aftermarket UFO bodywork, and girl-fetching're on your own ...for now

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Danny Boy...Fuck Yeah!

Rider's Discount Triumph rider, and Speed Moto Co favorite, Danny Eslick took his maiden Daytona 200 victory while we shoveled copious amounts of corned beef into my face. In addition to his win, Danny Boy also took pole position for the race, and earned himself a nifty new Rolex watch that came equipped with a GPS-enabled toilet flusher and popcorn button. Booyah! 

As for the race itself, Danny got the holeshot and spent the first half of the race dicing it up with Okla-homie Dane Westby, Jake Lewis, DiSalvo, and some random blue Yama-bots. On lap 38, Westby hit the deck, taking the yard gnome with him. With all that drama out of the way, Eslick stuck to his race strategy of 'not falling down and leading the last lap', and it was smooth sailing to the end, where he finished 10+ seconds ahead of the rest of the field. The highlights of the race included Eslick flipping off a slower rider, waving at the crowd while at full-lean, and falling off a school bus during his cool-down lap celebration shenanigans...he did some sweet wheelies, too (imagine that). Jake Gagne and Super Jake Lewis rounded out the podium on their Yamaha R6 roadracing motorcycles.

Eslick left Daytona with the AMA Daytona Sportbike championship-points lead...probably a hangover. Well-done, Danny! See you in twenty years, at Road America.
*Photos courtesy of me doing a Google search. Video courtesy of Pat Mooney.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Another Speed Moto Co Customer Bike

This backroad-blastin' Honda CL350 Scrambler comes to us from Randy Schmitt, who hales from Cedar Rapids, Iowa...the city of five smells.  I don't know what Randy's funky-fresh Honda Scrambler smells like, but when we figure it out, we'll bum-rush Cedar Rapids' city hall and demand that it be added as the sixth smell.  Fight the power!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

1970 Honda CL350...A Crusty Conundrum

We recently acquired this crusty little 1970 Honda CL350, and can't decide whether to do a full stock restoration, or to trick it out with some TLC and a slew of go-fast goodies.  We aren't a very decisive bunch here at Speed Moto Co...on any given day, the biggest decision we have to make is 'tacos or pizza?'. Because of this, we are putting the fate of the CL in the hands of you, the gentle reader.  It's a free country, dammit, so voice your opinion and let us know your ideas on what we should do.  Let freedom ring!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

City Beater cb350

 Great looking CB350 

 Simple Clean Fun

Want us to build you one?