Friday, March 21, 2014

Today is national 'Wheelie your family to work' day!

Join Speed Moto Company in celebrating this uber-significant holiday! Do your part, and save wear-n-tear on your front tire in the process!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's pretty simple; have bike...get girl.

Yes, we can equip your bike to do this.
However, as for ceramic brake pads for runaway trains, aftermarket UFO bodywork, and girl-fetching're on your own ...for now

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Danny Boy...Fuck Yeah!

Rider's Discount Triumph rider, and Speed Moto Co favorite, Danny Eslick took his maiden Daytona 200 victory while we shoveled copious amounts of corned beef into my face. In addition to his win, Danny Boy also took pole position for the race, and earned himself a nifty new Rolex watch that came equipped with a GPS-enabled toilet flusher and popcorn button. Booyah! 

As for the race itself, Danny got the holeshot and spent the first half of the race dicing it up with Okla-homie Dane Westby, Jake Lewis, DiSalvo, and some random blue Yama-bots. On lap 38, Westby hit the deck, taking the yard gnome with him. With all that drama out of the way, Eslick stuck to his race strategy of 'not falling down and leading the last lap', and it was smooth sailing to the end, where he finished 10+ seconds ahead of the rest of the field. The highlights of the race included Eslick flipping off a slower rider, waving at the crowd while at full-lean, and falling off a school bus during his cool-down lap celebration shenanigans...he did some sweet wheelies, too (imagine that). Jake Gagne and Super Jake Lewis rounded out the podium on their Yamaha R6 roadracing motorcycles.

Eslick left Daytona with the AMA Daytona Sportbike championship-points lead...probably a hangover. Well-done, Danny! See you in twenty years, at Road America.
*Photos courtesy of me doing a Google search. Video courtesy of Pat Mooney.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Another Speed Moto Co Customer Bike

This backroad-blastin' Honda CL350 Scrambler comes to us from Randy Schmitt, who hales from Cedar Rapids, Iowa...the city of five smells.  I don't know what Randy's funky-fresh Honda Scrambler smells like, but when we figure it out, we'll bum-rush Cedar Rapids' city hall and demand that it be added as the sixth smell.  Fight the power!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

1970 Honda CL350...A Crusty Conundrum

We recently acquired this crusty little 1970 Honda CL350, and can't decide whether to do a full stock restoration, or to trick it out with some TLC and a slew of go-fast goodies.  We aren't a very decisive bunch here at Speed Moto Co...on any given day, the biggest decision we have to make is 'tacos or pizza?'. Because of this, we are putting the fate of the CL in the hands of you, the gentle reader.  It's a free country, dammit, so voice your opinion and let us know your ideas on what we should do.  Let freedom ring!