Monday, December 16, 2013

George McMurray/Speed Week 2013

Hello again Brian,

First of all, I hope this message finds you and your business 'Healthy'. I  enjoy dropping-in and visiting your site, always something new!

The last e-mail I sent was just prior to Speed Week 2012 and although we participated (with a total of 16 runs), the "salt gremlins" dashed our hopes of setting a record. The bike lacked top-end power and we did not discover why until returning home. The rotary valve had separated from the drive hub totally ruining the intake timing.

One year later;

Our team re-grouped and headed for Speed Week, August 2013. The bike was running very strong so we set out with a three part (kick-ass) plan;    #1 set the blown gas record.    #2 reconfigure the bike for blown fuel (straight methanol) and set that record.      #3 If the bike is still running, reconfigure for an explosive mix of 20% nitro-methane, 80% methanol, change blower pulley for 15% additional boost and go for broke because this is the last year I planned to run this motor.

The results: 

Configuration #1: New Class record for APS-BG 100cc 84+mph (blown gasoline)
Configuration #2: New Class record for APS-BF  100cc 91+mph (blown fuel)
Configuration #3: On our first run with Nitro, officially timed exit speed of 99.148mph

While preparing our bike for the return run (following our very successful Nitro run), I noticed our Mychron II had no CHT (cylinder head temp) indication. Our probe had fractured and..... the last run would have the carb mixture set by "the seat-of-the-pants" method.
All started well, with indicated speed at the 1st mile of 97-98mph, then I noticed the bike slowing, beginning to seize so I clutched it and turned-out. Just a 'Tad too lean' damn!

I've already started on next years motor which will be a modified '76 Kawasaki  KX125 (125cc rotary valve) and I'll modify the existing frame for it's installation. I was so impressed with the performance of the alcohol/nitro mix that I will stick to the 'fuel class' next year and save the gas for cleaning parts!
Until then, Ride-On!
George McMurray

Friday, December 13, 2013

550cc 2 stroker of hold on!

GT550 Suzuki


A great blend of 2 stroke gnarliness and proper suspension and stoppers.