Friday, August 17, 2012

Travelogue • Thailand, Laos, Indonesia (Bali) • April 2011


Presenting an incredibly dramatic travelogue of my April 2011 adventure, revisiting friends in Bangkok, motorcycling solo for a week and a half throughout Laos, and an epic two weeks with my wife in Bali, Indonesia.

0:00 Thailand
3:45 Laos
10:45 Bali, Indonesia

MUSIC (in order)
“Call” from “A Memory Stream” by “The American Dollar”
“Love Like A Sunset II” from “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” by “Phoenix”
“Ready to Start” from “The Suburbs” by “Arcade Fire”
“Helena Beat” by “Foster the People”
“Into The Sea” from “Into The Blue Again” by “The Album Leaf”

Panasonic Lumix GH2
20mm 1.7 (Mostly)
14-42mm (If I had to. It’s garbage.)

By any means (Thailand)
Honda XR250 Baja (Laos)
Honda Jazz (Bali)